Writing is one of my great passions. I am experienced in writing clear and stimulating texts/stories for children of all ages, and simple, easy-to-understand texts for adults! With many years experience commissioning illustrators, I also have a honed visual sense and can provide basic art direction if required.

Do you have an idea or a format that requires text or copy? Need a follow-on text for a series in a particular style? I am experienced at writing to a brief, so I can accommodate any specifications you have within the texts I write, including adopting a particular voice, or style.

I create and write content for magazines, digital media, the internet and for smartphone apps, and would be very happy to consider commissions from editors/developers working within these genres. I can supply initial short sample pieces for consideration if necessary when being considered for work within these areas.

Have a look at the ‘My Books’ sections (separated into, ‘Baby & Toddler’, ‘Young Children’, ‘Information Books’ and ‘Honey Hill’) for lists of the books I have written, or the ‘My Work for education.com’ section for links to the activities I have written for the education.com website.