My Work for is a well respected education and child development site for parents. The editors of this site commissioned me to create and write a number of activities for children, each with an educational spin. The activities I have been creating covered a number of topics including arts and crafts, science, social studies and can be found on the attached links. Just click on the activity title to check it out. I will add more activities as they are published.

Write Secret Messages
Topics: Preschool, First Grade, Arts and Crafts

Make Alphabet Monster Cards
Paper & Glue Crafts, The Alphabets, Preschool

Symmetrical Butterfly Birthday Card
Topics: Kindergarten, Math, Arts and Craft

Paper Plate Masks: Jack O’Lantern
Topics: Kindergarten, First Grade, Arts and Crafts

Make a Grilled Cheese “Handwich”
Snacks, Kindergarten

Make a Fruity Friend That’s Good Enough to Eat!
Construction & Sculpture, Snacks, Kindergarten

Craft a Santa Clause Mask
First Grade, Arts and Crafts

Delicious Dried and Fresh Fruit Fun! *NEW*
First Grade, Science

Make a Paper Bag Costume *NEW*
First Grade, Second Grade, Arts & Crafts

Prepare Creamy Christmas Peppermints
First Grade, Second Grade, Recipes

Make a Day of the Dead Mask *NEW*
First Grade, Second Grade, Arts & Crafts, Social Studies

Prepare Painless Peanut Fudge
First Grade, Second Grade, Recipes

Make an Edible Cookie Collage
Construction & Sculpture, Desserts, Second Grade

Make a Yarn Wig with Pigtails
Fabric Projects, Second Grade, Halloween

Create an Acrostic Christmas Card
Topics: Second Grade, Third Grade, Reading, Writing, Arts and Crafts, The Holiday Season

Develop Spatial Awareness with a Tangram *NEW*
Second and Third Grade, Math, Arts & Crafts

Design a Great Glass Xylophone
Topics: Third Grade, Science, Arts and Crafts

Healthy Halloween Breakfast Muffins
Topics: Third Grade, Math, Arts and Crafts

Test Your Tongue: Are Strawberries Sweet or Sour?
Third Grade, Science

Make a Balloon Stick to the Wall Like “Magic”
Physical Science, Third Grade

Indoor Gardening with Kitchen Waste
Topics: Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Science, Environmental Studies

Try Water Science Trickery
Fifth Grade, Science

Make Woolly Pompoms
Fifth Grade, Construction & Sculpture, Winter

Lace a Face
Fifth Grade, Construction & Sculpture

Sew a “Scentsational” Lavender Bag *NEW*
Fifth Grade, Arts & Crafts

Make a Papier Maché Pencil Pot
Middle School, Arts & Crafts

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