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My iPhone/iPad app guide to Indian restaurant dining, described below, Indian Menu Interpreter* is sadly no longer available. I am happy to consider more traditional uses for the text from the app, which is essentially a glossary of Indian restaurant food terminology.
Do you find Indian restaurant menus confusing? Do you play it safe and order the same thing every time you eat Indian food? Don’t know your Tandoori from your Tikka Masala? Are you curious about what goes into your favorite Indian dish? Then you need Indian Menu Interpreter* – a comprehensive iPhone/iPad guide to help you negotiate your way around The Indian Restaurant Menu!

Indian Menu Interpreter* will give you an idea of the spices and ingredients that make up various popular dishes. There are mouth-watering photos with every entry, so you have an idea of what your food is going to look like as well! Just look up the alphabetical index, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an Indian food expert in no time at all!

The guide also includes useful tips for the beginner including “Eating with Your Fingers’ and “How to Order,” as well as tips on how to eat healthily off an Indian menu and how to introduce your kids to Indian restaurant food! Going out for Indian food will never be the same again! The guide will be updated periodically with more entries in response to user comments.

Check out this sneak peek of the guide:

The alphabetical index allows you to look for entries by category:

Interesting and informative entries with color photos for each entry:

Easy to use *Beginner Guides* for novices (and the nervous):

* Previously called, “Hurry with the Curry!”